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Two Exhibitions at Hamilton College's Wellin Museum
Two Exhibitions at Hamilton College's Wellin Museum

Start Date: Sep. 28, 2013
End Date: Dec. 22, 2013
Time: 11:00 AM

“A Sense of Place” “A Sense of Place,” curated by museum director Tracy L. Adler, is a commentary by a diverse group of contemporary international artists upon the power of place to evoke both shared and personal associations. The works depict sites both real and imaged to explore how a particular time and place can leave its mark. “Frohawk Two Feathers - You Can Fall: The War of the Mourning Arrows (An Introduction to the Americas and a Requiem for Willem Ferdinand)” A mash-up of real and invented history, the art of Two Feathers reflects the past and the present—traditional European portraiture, Native American art, folk art, and contemporary urban culture—and presents a new perspective on colonialism, imperialism, and racism. Featured characters of varied ethnicities offer an alternative to the Eurocentric version of history. Organized by the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art Open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Mondays and college holidays.

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